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Motor manufacturers make considerably more profit from the sale of car parts than from the sale of the car itself.

More often than not, expensive soft top items are offered with no option for replacement of serviceable parts.

We now supply new internal replacement drive wheels & Hydraulic fluid reservoirs for most common Electro-hydraulic soft top roof pumps/motors.

  • Hardened steel elbow joints are available for Rover 214/216 vehicles. hydraulic line renewal (Peugeot 306) Electric motors are available for certain models.
  • Electronic Control Units-ECU’s (Soft Top Brain) are available
  • Hood restoration/Cleaning (all models)
  • Soft-Tops. As we are constantly reviewing our supply chain to achieve the highest standards and most competitive prices, Quotations are available on request.
    Contact us for further details. Soft top Prices from £245 fitted.

    E.g Ford Escort Soft Top
    Original Quality: 1983-90 £295 Supplied &Fitted
    1991-98 £345 Supplied & Fitted

The most important part of your Soft-Top is the soft-top.
Look after it Because It looks after You!”




Call 02476 455477 Heated rear screen repairs and replacement
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